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Tutorials and explanations

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I am a user of MRTG and RRDtool for a long time. I also contributed some code to RRDtool and provided some manual pages. Last but not least I have spent and still spend quite some time on the mailing lists. I am also an RRDtool programmer in the sense that I write scripts for others. Like many people I'm hesitant to call myself an expert but I truly believe it is safe for me to do so in the RRDtool case.

I try to share my knowledge. I do this in my own way, not only telling how stuff works but also why. If you don't like that style then please do read the manual pages, not the tutorials.

Some of my contributions are included in the RRDtool source package, see the sections called "documentation" and "Tutorials" on Tobi's rrdtool webpage. Some of it I present here on this site. Please link to it in stead of copying it; this assures the most recent version is available.

Much information has been corrected for spelling errors and/or other improvements have been made by others. Thank you very much, you know who you are.

The information is made available to you free of charge. However, if you choose to make a donation I am most grateful and will consider it to be an encouragement to spend more time on RRDtool programming and documenting. You can also hire me as a consultant. Details below.

List of tutorials and the like

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This page was created by Alex van den Bogaerdt, an independent IT consultant. If you want to provide feedback or if you want to hire me please see contact alex.
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